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Roots Retreat

Nestled in a serene location, Roots Retreat offers a harmonious blend of tranquility and accessibility. Just moments from pristine beaches and the vibrant heart of Unawatuna, our guests enjoy the perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and the area’s natural beauty.


Indulge in the lush beauty of our expansive garden, where nature thrives in all its splendor. Find solace in the harmonious symphony of nature’s soothing sounds and the delightful songs of birds, many of which choose our peaceful mangrove surroundings as a stopover. When you need respite from the warmth of the day, our natural pool welcomes you to take a revitalizing swim.


Step into our state-of-the-art Gym Shala, a haven for wellness enthusiasts equipped with cutting-edge tools including TRX, Bosu, Bulgarian bags, kettles, yoga mats, resistance bands and more, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.

For ultimate relaxation, indulge in our serene Massage Room, thoughtfully designed to offer tranquility and rejuvenation, complementing your wellness journey.


Inspired by colonial architecture, our boutique villa seamlessly marries rustic design elements with contemporary comforts. This blend creates an atmosphere of understated elegance and serenity.

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Each of our five spacious rooms has been thoughtfully designed to offer a tranquil sanctuary, where you can retreat from the pressures of daily life and find solace in luxurious simplicity.


  • Zen Garden and Amber Moon Room: Double rooms featuring a Kingsize bed (which can also be configured as 2 single beds).


  • Blue Sapphire: A spacious family room with a Kingsize bed and a day bed, with the option to add an additional bed.


  • Eternal Sunshine: Ideal for groups, this room accommodates 3 guests (and perhaps more). It boasts a King Size Bed (convertible to 2 single beds) and a day bed, with the option to add an extra bed.


  • Paradise Wings: A charming double room with a Queen-size bed and a day bed, accompanied by a beautiful private terrace and views of our lush garden.


All our rooms are equipped with fans and air conditioning for your comfort. Each room boasts a private bathroom and a direct door leading to the garden. We’ve taken special care to ensure your health and well-being:


  • You’ll find a minibar with cold kombucha for a refreshing indulgence.
  • Enjoy in-room amenities such as a kettle, hairdryer, and Wi-Fi access.
  • Experience the touch of nature with our choice of natural fabrics for bed linens and allergy-free pillows.
  • Wrap yourself in the softness of cotton towels.
  • We prioritize eco-friendliness with kettles without plastic interiors, natural cosmetics (conditioning shampoo, body wash, hand soap), and air-purifying plants that enhance air quality and promote better sleep.


What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to holistic well-beingOur owners, who are experts in motor development and practitioners of Chinese medicine nutrition, have thoughtfully curated an array of experiences for our guests, including sports camps, retreats, and Ayurvedic detox programs. Whether you aim to enhance your physical wellness or embark on a journey of personal growth, Roots Retreat offers a diverse range of programs tailored to your specific needs.


Partake in wholesome activities, reconnect with nature, and revitalize your energy in this picturesque haven. Our goal is to create a space where you can nurture your body, mind, and spirit, providing a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation

Hey, We are Kate & Simon.


Unveil the incredible duo behind Roots Retreat, Kate & Simon. These wellness aficionados discovered their passion for Sri Lanka, a place that welcomed their dreams and inspired the birth of Roots Retreat.


Kate, a former Polish TV presenter, and Simon, a magnetic motor skills development specialist and fitness guru, are the driving forces behind this tranquil oasis.


Together, they co-founded the renowned Gym Break fitness project. Now, at Roots Retreat, they’ve curated a space where they’ll host an array of immersive programs, from transformative camps and rejuvenating retreats to tailored experiences, all designed to ignite courageous decisions and inspire transformation.

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Their mission is to embolden you to shed the old, explore the new, cultivate a love for movement, and kindle a profound connection with Sri Lanka. Welcome to a life where balance and fulfillment reign supreme. Join us on this remarkable journey.



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A few things you should know about Roots Retreat

#1 Nature's Embrace

At Roots Retreat, the tapestry of nature weaves through every facet of your experience.


Nestled in serene Unawatuna, our haven isn’t just a sanctuary; it’s an embodiment of the natural world. Our well draws forth crystal-clear water, while our garden flourishes with plants boasting nourishing properties. Positioned along the migratory path of various bird species in the mangroves, our retreat serves as a haven for both explorers and wildlife enthusiasts.


In this exceptional union with nature, we’ve created an environment that echoes the rhythms of the Earth, allowing you to immerse yourself in the symphony of natural wonders.

#2 Eco -Adventure Hub

Roots Retreat is not just a sanctuary for relaxation; it’s an exciting eco-adventure hub.

Dive into the Indian Ocean’s crystal-clear waters to swim alongside graceful turtles, ride the waves with surfing enthusiasts, and explore vibrant underwater ecosystems while diving.


If you’re seeking personalized motor development sessions, join Simon, our expert specialist. We invite you to infuse your retreat with exhilarating experiences and meaningful connections with both nature and yourself.

#3 Sustainable Luxury

Roots Retreat is more than just a place to stay; it’s an embodiment of our commitment to sustainable living.


With a deep respect for our planet, we’ve crafted a haven where every aspect is rooted in eco-conscious practices. From our lush garden teeming with life to our selection of natural cosmetics (chemical-free, naturally fragrant, and environmentally friendly), linen bed sheets, cotton pillows, and plastic-free kettles, we’ve considered every detail with your health and the environment in mind.

#4 Culinary Exploration

Indulge in a culinary journey that goes beyond taste.


At Roots Retreat, we’re dedicated to organic, locally sourced cuisine. Immerse yourself in flavors that spring from our very own garden – taste the richness of our fresh eggs from happy hens, relish the sweetness of handpicked fruits, and savor the tropical delight of coconuts harvested right from our garden.


Nourishment at Roots goes beyond food – it’s a celebration of sustainable, farm-to-table dining that invigorates both body and soul.

#5 Ayurvedic Elevation

Uncover the power of Ayurveda at Roots Retreat, where your well-being is a holistic journey.


We’ve partnered with the foremost Ayurvedic doctor in the south of Sri Lanka, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of our treatments.


Our highly specialized therapists bring years of experience to the table, guiding you through personalized Ayurvedic experiences that harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. This collaboration brings you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of Ayurveda, a rejuvenating path to wellness that’s rooted in tradition yet tailored to your needs.

#6 Functional Workout

Explore holistic training with Simon Gaś, our motor development specialist and personal trainer. Trusted by Polish celebrities and passionate about functional fitness, Simon empowers individuals to succeed in sports and life. His expertise in natural human movements and dynamic training methods make fitness accessible to all ages.

Join him on a journey to embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Interested in a private session with Simon? Contact us to book your session today.


a Room

Reserve your sanctuary at Roots Retreat. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Sri Lanka with a range of comfortable and stylish rooms to choose from.

Functional Sport Camps

Join Gym Break Camp for a week of holistic wellness, exciting workouts, personal consultations, cultural exploration, delicious food, and the pure fun of making new friendships that’ll last a lifetime!

Tailormade Stays

Create your perfect escape with a customized stay. Tell us what you need, and we’ll craft a personalized retreat with the activities that suit you, whether you’re traveling with a yogi, a coaching group, your family, or a group of friends.

Collabs & Events

Explore exciting opportunities for collaborations and events at Roots Retreat. We’re open to hosting parties, workshops, business trips, training camps, photo shoots, and gatherings of all kinds. Let’s make your event memorable.

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